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Thorsten Sideb0ard and jonny mugwump

jonny mugwump
A.R. Kane – Crazy Blue (69, Rough Trade, 1988)
Sigha – Light Swells (In a Distant Space) (HFT011, Hotflush Recordings, 2010)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Describing Bodies (Returnal, Editions Mego 2010)
Charley Patton – Banty Booster Blues (Screaming & Hollering The Blues: Complete Recordings: 1929-1934, Revenant, 2009)
Uton – In The Stardust Cosmic (from Unexplained Objects on Dekorder 2010)
T++ – Voice No Bodies (Wireless, Honest Johns, 2010)
Popol Vuh – Die Nacht der Himmel (Nosferatu, , 19??)
György Ligeti– 07 (Lux Aeterna)
Sun Ra – Where Pathways Meet (Unreleased Acetate) (Bob Blank – The Blank Generation – Blank Tapes NYC 1975 – 1987, ,2010)
Poirier – Let Them Hate (feat. YT) (Running High, , 2010)
Take – Don’t Look Now (Only Mountain, ,2010)
Washed Out – Get Up (Life of Leisure, ,2010)
Seahawks – High Tide (Van216, ,2010)
Oriol – Memories (Night and Day, Planet Mu, 2010)
A.R. Kane – Fast Ka (I, Rough Trade, 1990)
Envy – Friday Night (Set Yourself on Fire, ,2010)

Thorsten Sideb0ard
Arch M – ‘Mountain Tan ‘
CVLTS – ‘red eye’
Balam Acab – ‘Sea Birds’
Lester Brown – ‘feed me sea weed’
Edibles – ‘Cruiser’
Pill Wonder – ‘What We Know’
pears – ‘coasting’
TNDRNSS – ‘Getting Out Of Bed’
Spectrals – ‘Can’t We Please Just Stop This Now’
Teenage Reverb – ‘Save for Later’
Coyote Clean Up – ‘this house boat is making me sea sick’
positive face – ‘floss’
teams – ‘Anml Life’
Com Truise – ‘Sundriped’
Baths – ‘Seaside Town’
DZA – ‘Naiads at Play’
Dunian – ‘Where is the problem’
Cosmic Sound – ‘Purple Melody’
Psychedelic Horseshit – ‘Hard As It Gets (Chill Sax Mix)’
Edibles – ‘Spirit Youth Dub’



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dolly dolly and jonny mugwump

jonny mugwump
John Hill – Europa (6 Moons of Jupiter on Finders Keepers)
Gayngs – The Gaudy Side of Town (Relayted on Jagjaguar)
Akira Rabelais – With the Gift of Your Small Breath (Caduceus on Samdhisound)
Kromestar – Marz Attak (Deep Medi Releases Volume 2 on Medi)
Galaxie 500 – Summertime (This is Our Music on Domino)
Walls – Austerlitz Wide Open (Walls on Kompakt)
Terror Danjah – Ride 4 Me (Power Grid EP on Planet Mu)

Dolly Dolly
Rod McKuen – The Beat Generation
Edd Byrnes – Kookie’s Mad Pad
Kenneth Patchen – The Murder Of Two Men By A Young Man Wearing Lemon Coloured Gloves
Raye And The Beatniks – Beatnik’s Wish
Louis Nye – Teenage Beatnik
Barbara Evans – Beatnik Daddy
Paul Evans – Beat Generation
Richard Pine – Beatnik Bill
Oscar Brown Jr. – But I Was Cool
Edd Byrnes – Like, I Love You
Babs Gonzales – Manhattan Fable
Mamie Van Doren – The Beat Generation

jonny mugwump
Mikado – Romance (Les Filles Du Crépuscule on LTM)
Time Attendant – Hazel Twigs Point Backwards (Semi-Conductor Archive (forthcoming))
Sepalcure – Every Day of My Life (Love Pressure EP on Hotflush Recordings)
Fennesz Daniell Buck – Diamond Mind (Knoxville on Thrill Jockey)
Rudy Ventura – Soy un Sonador (Absolute Belter on Finders Keepers)

Dolly Dolly
Who – Doctor Who
Freddy Fender – I Love My Rancho Grande
Derrick harriott – Do I Worry
Cris Carol – Si Tu Ne Sais Pas
John Denver – Calypso
Jim Reeves – Yonder Comes a Sucker
Dave Brooks – The Family
Bing Crosby – Home Cookin’
Allen Toussaint – Last Train
Acker Bilk – Wolverine Blues
Mose Allison – Your Molecular Structure
The Dillards – Single Saddle
Roy Budd -Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear
The Dragons – Food For My Soul
Willie Nelson – Bonapartes Retreat
Mark Murphy – My Favourite Things
Fontella Bass – Leave It In the Hands of Love


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Time Attendant and jonny mugwump

jonny mugwump
Die Tödliche Doris – A1 (Chöre Und Soli)
Kyle Bobby Dunn – Small Show of Hands (A Young Person’s Guide To… on Low Point)
Production Unit – With An X (Ghost Tracks on Highpoint Lowlife)
AGF – We Break Out (Einzelkämpfer on AGF Produktion)
Mick Jagger – Memo From Turner (Performance OST on Warner Brothers)
Die Tödliche Doris – D2 (Chöre Und Soli)
?60 – Exit Ramp (Themes from Utopia on Cults of Brasilia)
Les Paul with Mary Ford – How High The Moon (The Capitol Masters on Capitol)
Kode9 (feat. Spaceape) – You Don’t Wash (DJ Kicks on K7)
Lily Greenham – Hocus Pocus (Lingual Music on Paradigm Discs)
Mulatu Astatke – Mascaram Setaba (Mulatu of Ethiopia on Worthy Records)
Demon Dogs Crossroads (Night Recordings from Bali on Sublime Frequencies)
Die Tödliche Doris – C2 (Chöre Und Soli)
Martin Denny – Forbidden Island (The Best of Martin Denny’s Exotica on EMI)
Toro Y Moi – First Date (Leave Everywhere on Carpark)
Richard A Ingram – Beziers (Consolamentum on White Box)
Diskkjokke – Rosenrød (En Fin Tid on Smalltown Supersound)

Time Attendant
Desmond Leslie – Invention of the Weapon (Music of the Future on Trunk)
University of Melbourne – Panels V (Electronic Music on Creel Pone)
Laurel & Hardy – Lazy Moon (Trail of the Lonesome Pine on Hallmark)
Desmond Leslie – The Stranger (Music of the Future on Trunk)
Cellutron & The Invisible – Parisian Frequency Shift (Reflecting on the first Watch on Creel Pone)
Cathedral – Voyage of the Homeless Sapien (Static Majik on Earache)
Introduction (BBC Test Card Classics on Chandos Recordings)
Westway Novelty Ensemble – Riga Road (BBC Test Card Classics on Chandos Recordings)
The Light Division on Horse Guards – Parade Calls (Silver Bugles on EMI)
Cathedral – Voyage of the Homeless Sapien (Static Majik on Earache)
Ø – To Home (Kantamoinen on Sähkö Recordings)
Untitled (5) – C-Schulz & Hajsch (C-Schulz & Hajsch on Sonig)
John Corbet – Ready Kilowatt (I’m Sick About My Hat on Atavistic)
Ron Geesin – Organ in the Sky (Electrosound on Glo Spot Recordings)
440Hz Tone (BBC Test Card Classics on Chandos Recordings)
Black to Comm – Stereo Lung (Aosuke Split LP on Dekorder)
Mango Delight – Harpiks (Conglomerate of Crazy Souls on Tender Productions)
Plant 43- Gas Frame Canal (Grey Sky Cracks on AI Records)
Untitled – Nik Pascal (Magnetic Web on Creel Pone)
Aosuke – Ping Pong Mann (Black to Comm Split LP on Dekorder)


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The Outer Church and jonny mugwump


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